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Welcome to the World Freight Rates Payment Page

This is where shippers using our site and our network freight forwarders can compensate World Freight Rates, if they wish, for the services and opportunities it has provided them.

If you need an invoice from World Freight Rates to initiate a payment, please indicate that below in the Request Box and enter the contact information and the amount you wish to pay, and hit Submit. As soon as we can process your request, an invoice will be prepared and emailed to you. Once you receive the invoice, if you wish to pay by Credit Card you can return to this page and make the payment using the Credit Card box below.

If you don’t need an invoice , and wish to pay via Credit Card now, simply go to the Credit Card box and enter the contact information requested and the amount you wish to pay in $USD and click “Go to CC Info”. The system will then take you to a second screen where you can input your credit card information into a secure payment system (*). When finished just click Payment to complete the transaction.

If you wish to make an ACH or Wire Transfer Payment instead of using a Credit Card (whether you need an invoice or not), please indicate that in the Request Box below as well and the instructions will be forwarded to you via email.

If you have any questions, please email us at support@worldfreightrates.com.

Thank you so much for your support!

To Make A Credit Card Payment

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To Request Invoice or ACH/Wire Instructions

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(*)The payment system we use is called “Stripe”, one of the World's Premier Payment Companies. If you wish to find out more about “Stripe” here are links to its web site https://stripe.com/about and a list of customers https://stripe.com/us/customers.